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Home And Office Cleaning

UCM Cleaning Services is proud to offer entirely human and animal friendly cleaning services by using eco-friendly products exclusively. That means we do not use dangerous and harmful chemical solutions. We prefer to use our expert cleaning technicians and our professional equipment than to risk the health of any of our current or future clients.

Hot Water Extraction

Rather than just simply shampooing carpets, which can often leave behind residue, we use the hot water extraction method for our carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning. When done professionally, the hot water extraction process is quick and only requires a few hours of drying. Professional equipment has a much stronger motor and therefore can much more forcefully inject hot water into carpeting. This hot water actually shakes loose dirt, debris, and all the other microparticles that cause your carpets to look and feel old and unhealthy much earlier than expected. After the particles are loosened from to the carpet, our super strength vacuum sucks everything up, including the water, though your carpets will stay a bit damp for a few hours.

We also use the hot water extraction method for much of our upholstery cleaning of sofas, curtains, ottomans, and for our standard area rug cleaning as well.

If you regularly clean your carpets and upholstery (which would be every 6 months), then you might be interested in our dry cleaning method. There is little to no moisture involved in this method as it is not required.

Want More?

We also treat many other home and office facilities, like air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, floor water extraction, smoke damage, and more.

For more information on any of our services or to schedule an appointment (some same day availabilities possible), pick up your phone and contact UCM Cleaning Services today!

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