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We all know that most carpets are designed to hide dirt, but what you may not know is that if we clean only when we see a problem, it can already be too late. Regular carpet cleaning is just as important as those emergency spot cleanings.

Regular carpet cleaning has several benefits besides just making a room look clean. It extends the life of your carpet, makes a room smell fresh and clean, and eliminates dust and particles that bother people with allergies and asthma.

Remember, just because your carpets and upholstery look clean, it doesn't mean that, deep down, they actually are. Over time, even your nicest carpet can collect large amounts of pet dander, dust or dirt that aren't visible at first glance.

To increase the life of your carpets and furniture, UCM Cleaning Services recommends you have them cleaned professionally about once a year. Many carpet manufacturers actually make regular professional cleanings a mandatory condition of their wear warranties.

UCM Cleaning Services professional technicians specialize in seven different methods of carpet cleaning. Our cleaning solvents are non-toxic and bio-degradable, so you can rest assured that children and pets will be safe.

Our Cleaning Methods Descriptions:

Hot Water Extraction (Steam) Cleaning

Heated detergent solution is sprayed into the carpet pile at a high pressure and immediately extracted, along with the suspended soil particles. Equipment can be truck-mounted or portable, and use rotary brushes or some other agitating device to work the solution into the pile and loosen soil.


With shampoo cleaning, we release a detergent solution onto the carpet through a rotary brush, which agitates the solution into foam and works it into the carpet. When the carpet is dry, we vacuum it to remove the loose residue. Sometimes chemicals are added to the detergent solution to reduce odors, retard soiling, brighten colors and/or speed dry.

Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo Combination

As the name implies, this method uses both the hot water and shampoo methods. This procedure is especially effective for highly soiled carpets that may have substantial build-up. First, we shampoo with the rotary brush to remove embedded soil, then employ a hot water extraction (with water rather than the detergent solution) to remove the shampoo.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

Foaming is a variation of the shampoo method, where foam is applied directly onto the carpet and rubbed in with a dry sponge. After the carpet dries, the residue is simply vacuumed away. The benefit of foam cleaning is that foam uses little water, so there is no danger of complications from your carpet being over-wet. However, for the same reasons, the foam method may not be as effective as the wetter methods for certain kinds of dirt.

Absorbent Dry Compound

Using dry compound is another method for avoiding over-wetting of the carpet. A dry solution of detergent and solvent is sprinkled onto the carpet and, using machines, is worked down into the pile. Dirt and other particles are "picked up" by the compound, and simply removed by vacuuming.

Bonnet Cleaning

Another variation of shampoo is Bonnet Cleaning. In this technique, a detergent solution is sprayed onto the carpet. Next, an absorbent pad (or "bonnet") is attached to a rotary machine, and is used to agitate and lift the soil caught in the detergent solution within the carpet. Pads are reversible, replaceable, and can be cleaned. We use this method primarily in maintenance of our commercial buildings.

In-Plant Cleaning

If a carpet or rug is loose and particularly valuable, we use the in-plant process to clean it without harmful side effects. The rugs are sent through a duster, which pulls out soil in a more effective manner than merely vacuuming. When the soil is removed, the rugs are washed and air-dried in a temperature-controlled area. We also offer unique services for the care and cleaning of valuable rugs and carpet. You can find out more about these services by requesting a Free Estimate online, or calling us at

For information on what you can do for your carpets at home, see our Carpet Cleaning Tips.

UCM Cleaning Services also offers many specialty services, including spot and stain removal, pet odor removal, water removal, leather care and cleaning, upholstery and fabric protection, preconditioning, sanitizing, Scotchguard, mold/mildew treatment, drapery and window treatment cleaning, and more.

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